There are few things more annoying than fogged up windows. This issue is particularly aggravating on days when visibility is good outside of your home. When the sunshine is blocked out by fog, you might wonder how a clear pane of glass can be so hard to see through.

Luckily, there are some steps you can take to prevent fog from clouding up your view and your disposition. These steps vary based on the cause of the fogged windows.

Fog Between The Window Panes

Many windows have multiple panes of glass in the sash, with pressurized gases such as Argon and Krypton filling the gaps between panes. These gases, which are denser than oxygen, serve as an additional insulating area for windows, which would otherwise have little resistance for escaping thermal energy from a home.

Windows with gas fills use seals and spacers to keep gases from escaping. These sealing devices tend to work very well; however, they can cause big problems if they fail.

If a seal breaks, not only can the gas in a window escape, but air can also make it into the space between panes. Since air is less dense than the gases being held in the windows, it’s likely to rush in quicker than the slower-moving gases can escape. This process reduces the effectiveness of gas fills to properly insulate a window.

The air surrounding a window also contains more moisture than the gas fills between the panes. When the air makes it into the space between panes, moisture shows up in that narrow space. This leaves you with foggy windows that you can’t clear out, since the space between panes is virtually inaccessible.

If you notice that your windows are […]