There are many choices in Houston for Windows & Siding Contractor. Here are some compelling reasons to consider Best Investments Siding and Windows.

1.  There are several out of state companies that are coming down here and using a local phone #.  Please check out the business before you do business with them.  Even though they may have a lifetime material warranty it is hard to get them to acknowledge you if you ask for a warranty.

2.  A lot of the out of state contractors are using aluminum coil stock to cap the window frames and caulking them up that away. Down south we try to stay away from vinyl and aluminum products that tend to have problems later on down the line.  Another thing they are doing when you have a slight eyebrow or arch they are making the windows square and capping the arch/eyebrow above the window in order to reduce costs.

3. Why should we go with Best Investments Siding and windows verse any other company?

A.  We have had the same local phone # for over 34 years

B.  We have are building and land paid for so we won’t go out of business tomorrow.

C.  We have factory trained installers which in different manufacturer’s offer a master elite installing and training program which we are a part of.  As well as education in any new developments within our industry whether in siding, (in which we are a part of the Repair an Remodeling program that is offered by James Hardie), or in professional window installation.  Just like the bigger companies that charge more.

D.  We have one crew that has been with us more than 30 years, another crew that has been with us for more that 17 years, and another crew that has been with us more than 10 years.  So these are men we can trust and have experience and knowledge of the proper installation of all of our products.

E.  What separates our company from most others.  They want money down.  In almost every case we do not receive any money until the job is complete.  That is your guarantee of getting a great job from a dependable company that stands behind its warranty’s.

F.  Several of our past customers have given money to out of state or to companies that went out of business.  They had no idea.  Then they called us and we took care of them and helped them through the painful process of losing their down payment with the other company.

G.  Thousands of satisfied customers throughout the years.  We leave a reference along with insurance and BBB accredited business, Contractor of the Year awards and letters of recommendation from our past jobs in your area.

H.  Our greatest compliment is when we leave a free estimate, the homeowners decide to do business with someone else, then that homeowner gives our name and # to another friend or neighbor.

I.   We use name brand products, we have competitive pricing,  we are local and have ht e same # for over 34 years.  Why would you want to do business with anyone else?

J.  We are also local member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry Houston Chapter.  They offer training and education in the remodeling Industry.  They have webinars and awards banquets each year on a local level and also on a National level.  We have won C.O.T.Y.  Nationally from our southern central region five on five different occasions. 2 for the Residential Exterior Specialty, 2 for the Resident Exterior under 100,000 and one for Residential Exterior Element Region 5 South Central. Going up against hundreds of contestants.  We are proud of our workers who are honest, dependable and hard working.  We have honor them with our own awards over the years for their outstanding performance.

K.   We like what someone said to use one time when he mentioned awards are not given they are earned.

L.  We have won the BBB Awards of Excellence for the past 12 years in a row. ( 3 Pinnacle awards)  No other siding or window company has done that that we know of in the Houston and suburb area.

M. Quality work, affordable pricing.  A well established company.  No money down.  Great reviews from Guild Quality., an award winning company that has affordable pricing.

You make the choice.  Very little gamble on your part.  Just pick up the phone or fill out the form.  9 out 10 times we can give same day pricing for Hardie Plank Siding,  Double pane insulated High performance windows, roofing, stone, painting, etc.  Our past builds our future!

We are a Christian based company  and we encourage you to take your time when choosing a window or siding company.  Get several quotes.  Do your homework ad check the company out.  Call the BBB at 713-868-9500. The BBB will have a record when the company joined.  They may say they have been doing it 20 years but if they just joined the BBB in the last 2 o3 years chances are they have not been in business but 2 or 3 years..  A company that wants to better itself will go to training seminars, and be a member of the BBB, and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry at 713-955-6210 or look up your contractor to see if he is a N.A.R.I member at  Good luck on your project. Remember we are taking all the risk if you are paying no money down.