Why A 3-Season Sunroom Works Best In Houston

September 11, 2013

Fall will be here soon, and there’s no better time to enjoy the cooler conditions in Houston. Still, bugs and lingering humidity can make uninhibited exposure to the outdoors unpleasant, even when the heat index isn’t 100 degrees.

Adding a sunroom is the best way to enjoy the benefits of the fall weather, without any of the issues Mother Nature can bring with the changing seasons. But what exactly is a sunroom, and what type of sunroom is best for Southeast Texas? Let’s dive deeper.

houston sunroom

Adding a sunroom to your Houston home allows you to enjoy the sunshine without dealing with bugs and humidity.

What Exactly is a Sunroom?

A sunroom is essentially an enclosed porch. It’s an addition to your home that’s built on a wood or concrete foundation and surrounded by windows and screens. Those windows and screens can block out rain, wind and bugs while allowing you to enjoy the sunshine.

Sunrooms are also more affordable than a full-blown addition to your home. This is the case because sunrooms use a series of connected windows in place of walls. Those windows tend to either have vinyl or aluminum frames, which are also more affordable than other frame materials.

Adding a sunroom to your home will give you a sunlit space to read, entertain guests or watch TV. You’ll have more options for using the space then you would if you simply had a covered patio. Plus, sunrooms can help raise your home’s resale value.

Houston sunrooms

4-Season Sunrooms are climate controlled. 3-Season Sunrooms aren’t.

3-Season Sunroom vs. 4-Season Sunroom

Although sunrooms are affordable, they aren’t insulated as well as the main portions of your home are. Walls and insulating wrap can protect the interior of your home from drastic temperature shifts, but the high volume of windows in sunrooms makes them more susceptible to changing temperatures. This means that you’ll need climate control features to keep your sunroom from becoming an oven in the summer and a freezer on cold winder nights.

Sunrooms tend to be divided into two categories: 3-Season Sunrooms and 4-Season Sunrooms. 4-Season Sunrooms are built with heating and air conditioning systems, while 3-Season Sunrooms are not. This means that 3-Season Sunrooms are often unusable during occasional winter cold snaps. They’re also incredibly stuffy during those brutal Houston summers.

There are ways to manage the hot months without air conditioning, though. Opening windows in a sunroom (while installing screens to keep out bugs) can improve airflow. Ceiling fans can also move air around sunrooms, which can help make them feel cooler. And if these methods don’t do the trick on a particularly hot day, staying in the air conditioned portions of a home can work wonders too.

Ultimately, 3-Season Sunrooms are more affordable, while 4-Season Sunrooms are more comfortable to spend time in throughout the entire year. 3-Season Sunrooms can also be built in a shorter time frame than 4-Season Sunrooms.

houston sunroom

Since Houston doesn’t experience prolonged winter weather, a 3-Season Sunroom is the way to go.

Why You Should Get a 3-Season Sunroom in Houston

Southeast Texas is one of the warmer areas of the United States. While North Texas can get hotter than the Houston area during the summertime, the Gulf of Mexico has a strong influence on Houston weather. That means that cold weather in the wintertime is more rare in Houston than it is a few hours up Interstate 45. In fact, nearly 10 months out of the year are frost free in Houston!

With all this in mind, a 3-Season Sunroom is the best way to go. These sunrooms are more affordable and easier to install than 4-Season Sunrooms, which are more of a luxury than a necessity in the Houston climate. Although you might want to avoid your sunroom in the summer months, you’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy the space during the cooler months.

If you’re looking to install a sunroom, turn to Best Investments Siding and Windows. We’ve been installing sunrooms across the Houston area since 1979, and we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. To request a free consultation, click here or call (281) 852-1866.