5 Outdoor Living Updates That Are Better Than Vacation

October 7, 2013

It’s Monday. You’ve just arrived home after a grueling day of work. Your mailbox is filled with bills, the answering machine filled with calls waiting to be returned. The worst part? You still have to cook dinner and get ready for bed, just to wake up in eight or nine hours to repeat the process. (Unless of course you’re retired. Which, in that case, we  envy you!)

We know what you need – a relaxing escape. (And if you do happen to be retired, we know you’ve earned the right to relax!) This doesn’t mean hopping on a plane to Barbados. Your long awaited getaway sits much closer than you may realize. Just step out into your backyard.

Revamping any outdoor living space with these five simple updates turns your time at home from a boring redundancy into a tranquil retreat. And let’s be honest…who doesn’t want that?

cedar pergola

Add comfort and style to your outdoor living area with a pergola.

Create a pergola paradise.

For an equal balance of shade and open airflow, a pergola has you covered. The lattice-style beams provide a unique design to your outdoor living space allowing just enough sunlight to shine through. Pergolas also increase the value of your home, making an economically and aesthetically pleasing addition. But let’s talk about the best part. These trendy structures make the ultimate entertainment or relaxation areas. Want to barbeque with friends? Read a book outside? Simply enjoy the view? Underneath a pergola is the perfect spot. You can even grow vines through the lattice beams for more visual interest and shade, or you can plant trees and shrubs around the base. Either way you’ve got  a cool, shady spot any homeowner would be proud to show off (or keep all to themselves).

painted patio chairs

Paint cheap furniture finds for an updated, fresh look. (Image Courtesy of A Forest Frolic/Flickr)

Embrace the art of thrifty treasures. 

Decorating an outdoor living space doesn’t have to empty your wallet. Next time you’re browsing a thrift store or antique shop, even a garage sale, pick up pieces that can be repurposed. Wooden chairs make great statement pieces when painted in fun, vibrant colors, and an old dresser can be repainted and used as a planter. (Simply pull the drawers out and plant flowers in each, finishing the look by placing potted plants on top.) Other budget-friendly décor finds include: vintage fabrics used as outdoor pillow covers, old-fashioned jars, cans or colanders used as plant pots, and stem-less wine gasses used as citronella candle holders (to fend off mosquitoes, of course!)


Sunrooms give an indoor room an outdoor feel.

Soak up serenity in a sunroom.

If you’d rather enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from inside your home, consider adding a sunroom or sprucing up your existing one. It’s an easy addition that not only adds value to your home, but also provides a peaceful refuge from day to day worries. One of the greatest perks of having a sunroom is the ability to enjoy every season while comfortably secluded indoors. And truthfully, the ways of utilizing your sunroom are endless. They make great dining, entertainment and lounging areas, even workout rooms.

beautiful garden

Growing a garden makes your outdoor living area unique. (Image Courtesy of MoonLightBulb/Flickr)

Nurture a beautiful garden. 

There’s no better way to liven your outdoor living area than to embrace the beauty of a colorful garden. Flowers like Aster and Purple Coneflower add incredible vibrancy to the outdoors, all while enticing butterflies to swing by. You may even want to grow herbs or veggies to save you money at the grocery store and add flavor to your backyard oasis. Other fun garden features include: water fountains and bird feeders. (Specifically hummingbird feeders, because you can’t deny those little creatures are fun to watch.)

cedar patio cover

Patio covers offer the perfect hybrid of indoor-outdoor living.

Consider a patio cover.

If a sunroom is too constricting and a pergola just isn’t your style, maybe a patio cover is right for you. These structural extensions create the feeling of being indoors while still providing the fresh air you crave. They’re also incredibly easy to personalize with aluminum, wood and vinyl options. To further the indoor feel of a patio cover, you can add ceiling fans and recessed lighting. No matter the weather, you’ll be able to sit outside and enjoy it all.

Are you ready for an outdoor living area update?

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