Energy Efficient Windows Houston: NT Window Executive Series

July 8, 2013

energy efficient windows houstonLiving here in Houston, most of us are probably avoiding looking at our energy bills this time of year. The good news is, you are not held captive by the energy companies; take control of your energy costs with new windows! If you are currently in the market for energy efficient windows Houston has many different options available.

Looking at all the different energy efficient window options on the market, it can be really confusing with all the terminology. You really just want to know what the best energy efficient window is.

That’s why we put together this jargon-free article about our top-rated energy efficient window, the NT Window Executive Series. And since Best Investments has been around since 1977, when we say top-rated, you can trust us.

Our Most Energy Efficient Window: Here’s Why

1) Going for the silver (glass that is). Great Glass = A Great Window. Cardinal LoÉ3-366 is the top performing glass on the market. It gives this window the ultimate in energy efficiency, keeping heat out of your home during summer and providing year-round comfort and energy savings. It’s three layers of silver on the glass mean you’ll enjoy refuge from the sun’s blazing rays all day, every day. This is one case where you should go for the silver instead of the gold!

2) Super Spacer® Superiority. The Super Spacer® gives you the warmest temperature at the edge of the glass without damaging design quality or performance. It’s advanced structure and dual-seal design also lowers the chances of your windows forming condensation.

3) Tight is Right. A tight fit between the two sashes reduces the threat of air and water infiltration, which increases it’s overall protection from hot and cold weather.

4) Worry Free Performance. The Executive Window Series comes with Constant Force Coiled Balance System that makes sure your windows hold their shape and strength for smooth operation, even with years and years of use.

Why Choose Best Investments to Install Them?

1) We provide the best value. It’s always our mission to keep prices as low as possible. Our decades-long relationships with suppliers like James Hardie® let us give you the best value on siding materials.

2) No down payment required. You would never put down money for a home without seeing it, so why would you ever do it for siding? You don’t pay until you are 100% satisfied with the siding we’ve installed on your home.

3) Easy-to-understand contracts. Reading a contract shouldn’t have to be like reading an ancient foreign language. But too often it is when it comes to remodeling. That’s why we write every contract in simple English that you can understand without a translator.

Call us today at 1-888-439-7893 and we’ll schedule a NO pressure, NO obligation in-home siding evaluation!

energy efficient windows houston

energy efficient windows houston