Fibrex Windows Knock The Socks Off Vinyl and Wood Windows

September 20, 2013

One of the many factors to look into when choosing which replacement windows to install in your home is which frame material to use. Each material has its own unique benefits; after all, if a product didn’t offer value, it wouldn’t sell at all). Still, a select few materials provide a greater amount of these benefits.

Fibrex is one of the more beneficial frame materials out there, and the remodeling world has quickly taken notice of it. But what makes it such a popular and effective choice for replacement windows? Here’s a closer look.

fibrex windows

Fibrex windows frames are made from a composite of wood fiber and thermoplastic.

What is Fibrex?

If you’re looking for replacement windows for the first time (or the first time in awhile), you’re probably unfamiliar with what the term “Fibrex” actually means. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Fibrex is a composite material made by Andersen Windows. It consists of about 40 percent wood fiber and 60 percent thermoplastic polymers. Basically, it’s a mixture of a sawdust-style material and a vinyl-like material (although the process to manufacture these windows is more sophisticated than just combining those two materials together).

fibrex windows

Fibrex windows tend to last longer than vinyl or wood windows.

Fibrex: The Last Windows Standing

Since Fibrex windows are made from a combination of two materials, it stands to reason that these windows would perform better than windows made solely from either of its component materials would. And this reasoning would be sound.

Wood windows remain sturdy during large temperature swings and other weather changes. But wood can swell during periods of high humidity, which is common in the Houston area. Wood can also rot and decay over time (or in short order, if termites and other pests feast on it).

Vinyl windows are as sturdy as wood windows are, but hey don’t decay as easily. Still, large changes in temperature can cause the vinyl to expand or contract. This action not only warps the windows, but it also can cause cracks to appear on the vinyl material over time.

Fibrex windows are twice as strong as vinyl, and they will remain sturdy in a variety of weather conditions. Better yet, they can last longer than wood or vinyl without decaying, rotting or breaking. And since these windows can be designed to mimic wood or other materials, homes that feature these windows still look stunning.

fibrex windows

Although they cost more than vinyl windows, Fibrex windows are more cost efficient in the long run.

Fibrex Windows are Worth the Price of Admission

If you decide to get Fibrex windows, you’ll have to shell out more money than you would for vinyl windows. But over time, Fibrex windows will actually be more cost efficient than those cheaper vinyl windows.

Fibrex windows cost significantly more than vinyl windows. But since they block thermal energy transfer exceptionally well (700 times better than aluminum windows, according to Andersen Windows), they’ll save you a lot of money on your energy bills. Since you won’t have to spend as much money to keep your home warm or cool, some of the money you spend on Fibrex windows will be recouped in the months and years to come.

While it’s true that vinyl windows are also energy efficient, they often have a shorter shelf life than Fibrex windows. This is the case because vinyl can warp during drastic temperature shifts and exposure to extreme heat. (This is the same reason why hot coffee isn’t served in plastic cups, and why it’s bad to put plastic in the microwave.) So all the money you save by buying vinyl windows now will likely be spent buying replacements or repairs for those windows down the line.

Ultimately, Fibrex is one of the strongest, most durable and most energy efficient materials you can put in your window frames. Consider enhancing your home with these windows.

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