How Cheap Are Cheap Windows?

October 16, 2013

After putting it off for as long as you possibly can, the time has come to replace your windows. With a hefty price tag staring you down, the temptation to search for a cheaper option becomes more and more appealing. I mean, windows are windows, why would I waste an extra $5,000 to $10,000…right? The truth is, there’s a BIG difference, and here are the reasons why.

Energy Savings

According to the Texas Window Initiative, inefficient windows can account for 46% or more of the total heating/cooling load! This means that almost half of the cool air that escapes from your home will be by way of the windows. This tops air infiltration, wall/roofing, and even heating and cooling ducts. On the other hand, high quality, properly installed windows can aid in maintaining very minimal energy loss.

In addition, TXU Energy predicts that utility costs will increase 15% per year for the next ten years. So, let’s introduce a scenario that shows what this means to you. Say you currently pay $250 for your electricity. In ten years, your bill will be sitting right around that $1000 mark. Saving $20 a month now may not seem like a big deal, but in ten years, savings will be well into the thousands.

High Quality Bay Window

Houston Bay Window

Home Value

If you’re looking to add value to a home, windows really do serve as the X-factor. Not only do they save on energy costs as discussed above, but they provide a more visually aesthetic atmosphere.

High quality windows can add thousands of dollars to the sale of a home if they’re selected and installed properly. The right window not only cuts costs, but is also visually appealing. High quality windows allow more light to enter the room. Different styles, such as bay windows, can also give the feel of a more spacious living area. These are obviously desirable attributes, whether or not you will be the person living in the house.

High Quality Windows Illuminate Room

Cheap windows do not brighten a room the way high quality windows do


Let’s be real: Is saving a few extra bucks worth the hot, restless nights during a Houston summer? No way! Comfort is key. It does not matter how top-notch your air conditioning and heating units are, low quality windows will not allow your home to achieve that perfect temperature.

High efficiency windows provide far more insulation than their counterparts do. Windows with no insulation will not maintain the interior temperature regardless of the way in which they were installed. Low-E windows also play a key role in deflecting solar energy as oppose to absorbing it. This serves a key purpose when the Texas sun is beating down on the exterior window,  the interior remains cool. This can only be achieved through high efficiency windows and Low-E glass.

How Low-E and Cheap Windows Differ

As oppose to cheap windows, Low-E glass is deigned to deflect a lot of solar energy aimed at it

Fairly Cheap Double-Hung Window

Proper Ways to Cut Window Costs

Looking for the cheapest option is obviously not the way to shop for windows. However, there are a couple ways to avoid breaking your bank.

First, complex window style can sky-rocket the total price. If you are comfortable with simplicity, look for double-hung, sliders, and fixed windows. Any kind of bays or curves are inevitably going to drive up the price.

Avoid buying directly from the manufacturer of the product. Since they are only listing their own product, pricing tends to be high. Seek out dealers that offer more than one brand because that will lead you to more competitive pricing.

Different frame materials will vary greatly in cost. If you are not hell-bent on wood windows, there are high quality options using cheaper materials such as fiberglass and vinyl.


High Quality Wood Windows

High Quality Wood Windows

The most important thing to realize is that cost really does relate to quality in replacement windows. Cheap windows literally do not pay off in the end, regardless of how appealing they are up-front. High quality windows increase the value of your home, while adding comfort to your everyday life. Do yourself a favor by investing in high quality windows and avoid a cheap shot to your wallet.

If you’re looking to replace your windows, turn to Best Investments Siding and Windows. We’ve been installing replacement windows across the Houston area since 1977. Let us work with you! Request your free consultation today!