Laminated Glass for Houston Windows

February 10, 2014

Houston Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass has numerous benefits, but what makes it so different than other glass?

The term laminate is not what most of us think as an outer coating or layering. This is an interlayer of what is known as Polyvinyl Butyral, otherwise known as PVB. This layer is infused within two layers of glass to increase its structural stability. Much like a Auto Windshield glass, the Laminated glass does not shatter like a normal pane of glass would; rather it breaks in asimonton-laminated web pattern, while still remaining intact.

The benefit of putting in your home is tremendous, especially in the Houston area, South Texas heat and potential danger of hurricanes. However, its usefulness applies to more than flying debris, but also provides safety of an attempted break-in. It is very difficult to actually break through laminated glass. In tests it has taken extreme activity to penetrate a hole in the glass and has taken up to 30 strikes with a baseball bat to do so.

Aside from the protection it provides, laminated glass also cuts down UV Rays from the sun and ultimately provides Energy Savings. Additionally this UV protection also protects from fading on carpets, furniture, drapes, and even paintings. Another benefit from the sturdy construction of laminated glass is the protection of noise from outside. The difference between sounds through laminated glass and a normal window is dramatic.