The Top 4 Home Styles in Houston, and the Windows That Go With Them

September 25, 2013

One of our primary concerns as homeowners is getting along with our neighbors. While we all want to stick out, we don’t want to bring negative attention to ourselves.

This philosophy can also apply to the styles of our homes. Even in a region like Greater Houston — in which the largest city is devoid of zoning requirements — there is a sense of conformity within neighborhoods.

There are some predominant home styles in Houston, and these styles are associated with certain windows. So if you’re looking to remodel your home with windows that seem “Houstony,” what windows should you choose? Let’s take a look at which windows fit with four predominant Houston home styles.

Victorian Home

1. Victorian

Victorian-style homes can be found in many parts of the Bayou City, including several high-end suburban areas such as The Woodlands. These homes reflect an upscale and traditionalist style. They also are common in tree-lined areas, and many portions of Southeast Texas are heavily forested.

Victorian windows are often relatively narrow and rectangular, although half round windows are also common. Most windows have elaborate grid patterns that can either feature square or diagonal grids.

If you have a Victorian-style home, you’ll likely want to get windows that slide vertically (such as single or double-hung windows). Casement windows with built in grids are also popular in these homes. Half round windows are predominantly found in upper areas and clerestories.

Wide windows (such as bay windows), horizontally sliding windows and awning windows tend not to be used in Victorian homes.

White Vinyl Replacement Windows with SDL Colonial Grids

2. Southern Colonial

Southern Colonial homes are also quite popular across the Houston area. These homes provide a less elaborate upscale look, but they still give a distinguished appearance. The Southern Colonial style places emphasis on entryways, front porches, supporting columns and evenly placed windows. Some of these homes can resemble large plantation homes of the Southeast.

Southern Colonial homes tend to be very balanced in terms of window layout. These homes will most often feature double-hung windows with square grids, although some half-round windows can placed directly above some lower story windows.

Spanish Colonial home

(Image courtesy: Kansas Sebastian/flickr)

3. Spanish Colonial

Texas won the war for its independence from Mexico at the Battle of San Jacinto, which took place east of present day Houston. So it should come as no surprise that Spanish Colonial-style homes appear in abundance in the Houston area. These homes often feature Mission-type architecture, which include thick and light colored walls and large window openings.

Windows in Spanish Colonial homes tend to be very tall and feature large sashes. These windows have some grids, but they’re far less prominent than those in Victorian homes. Some of these windows feature half round tops, as well.

Casement windows are most often found in Spanish Colonial homes. The size and opening direction of these windows can actually cause some of them to resemble French doors.

Mediterranean home

4. Mediterranean

Mediterranean style homes are often popular in areas with warm climates, and Houston is no exception. These homes are somewhat similar to the Spanish colonial style, but they have a wider distribution of window openings throughout the home; they tend to look more like European villas than Missions.

A wide variety of vertical and half round windows are used in Mediterranean homes, which come in multiple eclectic designs. Windows tend to be large, and they tend to have minimal grid patterns and large sashes. Casement and double-hung windows are most frequently used in Mediterranean style homes; in some cases, casement windows can resemble French doors.

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