The Latest and Greatest in Vinyl Replacement Windows

July 1, 2013

vinyl replacement windows houstonIf you are shopping around for vinyl replacement windows Houston has a lot of window contractors with a lot of different vinyl windows to choose from. Best Investments has been installing vinyl replacement windows since 1977, so we’ve seen firsthand how the energy efficiency of vinyl has improved dramatically over the years.

Nearly all of our customers say “energy efficiency” as a main requirement for their new windows. So what’s the latest and greatest vinyl window that will help you save the most on your heating and cooling costs in the long run?

The Answer: NT Window Executive Series Vinyl Replacement Windows

We always mention the NT Window Executive Series as a no-brainer when it comes to energy efficient vinyl windows. It may look like an ordinary window at first glance, but lets break it down a little bit and point out the things that really make it perform. And what makes it special is its Cardinal LoĒ³ – 366® Glass.

Why the glass? Well, the glass is the largest part of your window, so its mainly the quality of the glass determines how energy efficient it is.

Even within the glass itself, there are several different components. Take a look at the chart below, and we’ll tell you what each component is.

vinyl replacement windows houston

U-Factor: The speed of heat loss in a window. The lower this is, the harder it is for heat to get out of the window (like it does in winter)

SHGC: The fraction of solar radiation that is let in through a window. In other words, this measures how much heat gets into your home during warm times of the year.

UV: Measures the amount of damaging ultraviolet light that is blocked from being transmitted through the glass.

As you can see, the Cardinal LoĒ³ – 366® Glass outperforms the other, more common types of glass in all areas. Whether it’s the dog days of summer or the coldest hours of winter, this glass is one tough cookie.

All of this is reflected in huge energy savings for your home, as well as just having a more comfortable home year round.

Let’s talk more with an in-home appointment

If you are at the point of talking to contractors, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to come out to your home for a free consultation. During this consultation, we’ll listen to you to learn the needs and budget you are working with. From that, we’ll recommend the vinyl replacement windows that will work best for you.

We make the process completely pressure free, and of course there is no obligation to purchase anything.

vinyl replacement windows houston