Wrong Window Order Helps Charity

June 24, 2014

habitatlogoBest Investments Siding and Windows had a recent, rather large window job of over 36 custom-sized replacement windows for a Houston area customer. It started like any other job with discussing the type of windows the customer wanted. After reviewing all options, the customer chose a popular manufacturer and window frames in a “tan” color.

The order was placed and explained to the manufacturer as “tan”. When a written quote was provided t owner Jerry Gerald, he looked at the price of the quote and approved the order. Jerry was rushing around this particular day and trying to leave town for a wedding. In doing so, he missed a little detail of the order as the color of “clay”.

When the order was delivered it went straight to the customer’s home to wait for Best Investments Siding and Windows to do the installation. The customer immediately noticed the windows were not the color he ordered. Jerry found out about the order and called the manufacturer as he clearly remembered ordering the “tan” color and repeated it more than once. The conversation ended with Jerry having to order a complete new set of windows and was stuck with the original windows and an $8000 bill.

Once a year Jerry and his crew donate their time and labor toward a charitable cause so Jerry decided to do that with these new windows.

On Thursday, June 19th Jerry donated the 36 custom windows to the Houston Chapter of Habitat for Humanity. These windows will be used on future new homes built be the organization. Some fortunate new home owner will have some very beautiful “clay” colored window frames.